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Frigidaire Glass Canopy Hood Review

There are not a lot of reviews for range hoods in general online, so I wanted to write a review of my Frigidaire Glass Canopy Range Hood, just in case you’re considering getting it. You see, when my husband asked me what range hood we were going to use in the kitchen renovation, I think I replied with something like “What do you mean what kind?”

Frigidaire Glass Canopy Hood Review

Range hoods are often the overlooked appliance in the grand scheme of kitchen renos. We usually spend hours and hours pouring over refrigerators and ranges – the big wow factor appliances. A range hood? Not so much. Unless you’re having a custom built cover made for yours. That’s another story.

Yet in a kitchen reno like ours, a clean minimal Scandinavian style kitchen where we planned on not having any cabinets surrounding the range hood, it in many ways would be a focal feature of the kitchen. Something that would stand out and be aesthetically as attractive as its matching appliances.

Luckily Frigidaire knew better than my “What do you mean what kind of range hood?” and they suggested their Glass Canopy Wall Mount Hood because its hood is made of glass vs traditional solid stainless steel look. Which in our case was much more complimentary to the space.

But let’s go back to what we started out with.

Here. This is what our old range hood vent fan er, what is this…looked like.

Mmmm…plastic and metal formerly known as white now known as yellow white.

There’s retro and then there’s I can’t make this work anymore.

So we turned that, into this.

I know I am supposed to mention all of its great features, but you’re buying a range hood, the number one thing you need to ensure, is that it’s powerful enough to take care of properly ventilating the area.

But come on, look at how pretty that is. Sleek, minimal and so shiny.

Ok now that vanity is out of the way, it is a power house. We have terrible air flow in our kitchen and the smoke alarm is hyper sensitive. That’s a good thing, but not when you’re cooking, and need to stand on a chair to turn it off all the time. But with the fan in this hood, your cooking fumes do not stand a chance.

There are 4 speeds on this one and believe me by the time you get to 3, you’re covered.

The grease filters in it – wait for it – are dishwasher safe. No more soaking your filters or hand washing. That is incredible. I didn’t even know that was possible (see previous hood for the reasons why).

The impact it makes in the overall space was so noticeable that when we showed the kitchen to our neighbour after the renovation, the first thing he said was “That is a nice range hood.”

Duly noted.

Special Thanks to Frigidaire for collaborating with us on this kitchen renovation. As always opinions on this blog are my own.

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