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Frigidaire Gallery Electric Range Review

I may be a blogger, but I am also a consumer. I know that when I look for products for our home, I am always checking reviews or people’s experiences with them before I buy. So if I can help anyone shorten their hunt for an appliance through our kitchen renovation experience, then fantastic. This is why I wanted to share a review of our Frigidaire Gallery Electric Range.

Frigidaire Gallery Electric Range Review

Now, for as long as I can remember I have not been a fan of cooking. Let me elaborate. It’s not the actual cooking part that I dislike so much. The problem lies in the fact that I cook SO much that I am always in the kitchen. Why? Because the four of us in our little family, cannot agree on a single meal.

My husband works shifts, so there are a lot of prepared frozen meals made, as he can’t find a lot of food options at 3 am. My kids, God forbid they agree on a single food. Then there’s me. I also have to eat.

There have been times I have been known to cook up to four different dinners at night. Four. That’s enough to drive any mother crazy. But when you have a bad range, that constantly ruins your meals, it makes the life of someone who cooks a lot an absolute nightmare.

Like my old stove. Burner of many meals.

Without the self cleaning oven feature. Which I assure you, was such a joy to clean.

Read: Sarcasm.

Everything about this stove, was old and falling apart. I even replaced the coil in it on my own, and thought hey that will help the uneven distribution of heat in the oven.

It did not.

But maybe that makes me the best person to talk about ranges, because I’ve had so many bad experiences with ranges that have led me to believing I was a terrible cook. Which is not the case at all. I just had bad appliances.

Enter my new best friend (aside from our Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator) the Frigidaire Gallery Electric Range.

Oh yes it is that shiny in real life.

Need water boiled extra fast? Use the quick warm boil burner.

Need something to keep warm while you’re finishing up other dishes? Use the keep warm burner.

Need something bigger or smaller to accommodate your different pot and pan sizes? They’ve thought of that too.

And now this…this is front oven glass screen for your kids to actually see their Christmas cookies come to life.

Once you get a screen this big on your oven, you will wonder how you ever managed without one.

You may or may not be able to see my feet in the reflection of that big glass screen.

But the best thing about the Frigidaire Gallery Electric Range, is that since the day it arrived in our house I have not burnt a single meal.

Not one.

So if someone says you can’t cook, may I highly suggest investigating if your range is the problem, and not your cooking skills. For example, if you want to make a roasted turkey, this range has a probe that you can plug right into the oven that tells you when your bird is done. No more messing around with oven thermometers and setting timers. It will beep an alarm for you and notify you when your bird is done.

That’s right folks, Happy easier Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and big family dinners to you!

Which makes it all the more painful to leave it behind. The new owners specifically requested all of the appliances in the sale of our home. Can you blame them?

We love this model so much, that we wound up buying the gas version of this range for our new kitchen.

Special Thanks to Frigidaire for collaborating with us on this kitchen renovation. As always opinions on this blog are my own.

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